Race of champions

eroc: the world's best gamers and racers


Even Coverage & Brand Video



Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Project Duration

Two weeks


The Challenge

Race Of Champions, now in it's 30th year, introduced a brand new element to the competition in 2018. eROC is a chance for the world's best simulator racers to race on the real track against the world's best drivers. The concept was formed to galvanise more wannabe-racers to try simulators by showing them that it can be a stepping stone to the tarmac.

The client wanted to show the complexity of the inner-workings of the event as well as the immense opportunity given to the 4 ambitious sim-racing champions. 


The plan

We needed the audience to relate to every aspect of the event. We focussed all of the content on the humble personalities and back stories of the four simulator racers, intertwined with in-depth development of the event.

Four video concepts were formed; Why We Game, Simulation vs. Reality, How Publicity Has Raised The Game and Personal Profiles on each driver. Through these we were able to show a clear path to the opportunity that the four sim racers had been given.

The results

Our work has been celebrated across the Race Of Champions network. The videos have had huge success on the Logitech G and Race Of Champions social channels and we have secured a contract to create a 24-minute documentary for the 30th anniversary of Race Of Champions. 


Sensational work, especially for someone who didn’t know a thing about motorsports. I’m amazed at what you were able to create.
— Ben Constanduros, Executive Producer