Mclaren & Logitech

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM Partnership 


Event Coverage & Brand Videos



Barcelona, Spain


Project Duration

Three Days


The Challenge

Through their successful partnership in racing simulators, Logitech and Mclaren teamed up once again to bring a new product to market; the UE MEGABOOM 2 speaker in two special editions; the MCL33 and the MP4/4 - two proud weapons in Mclaren's winning arsenal.  

The product launch party was held at Cafe Del Mar, Barcelona. In a short window of just 8 hours we were tasked to create 5 e-tailer videos and product teasers, 5 GIFs and 2 aftermovies from the party. 


The plan

Through our preliminary research we were able to stage situations to showcase the speakers' features in their best light. We used water to bring the sound to life on camera, an outdoor stage to show it's versatility and hand-held light to give the speakers a visual punch. 

The party was packed with live music performances and speeches, all of which needed to be captured alongside celebrities and guests using the product. We used camera stabilisers to give us the freedom to move freely while capturing beautifully smooth visuals. 


The results

The product videos have gone on to be hosted on the official UE MEGA BOOM website as well as etailer Amazon. The party aftermovie was used to show investors how the product was launched. 


Shredits has worked for me on a number of occasions and they are truly dynamic, innovative and imaginative operators. They are able to capture, and accurately convey the atmosphere of any event in their camera work and editing. Their drive and dedication is exceptional and regardless of the event they are now my go-to creative. The quality of their work is well beyond their years, awesome…
— Ben Constanduros, Executive Producer